Backpacking Adventures – For The Thrill Seeker

Backpacking need not be the adrenaline rush you think it needs to be. An adventure can also be a quiet unexpected discovery in an otherwise exciting trip. But before you set out, make a few arrangements so you can travel stress-free. One of the worrying aspects of your travel is your belongings that you leave behind. If you’re cancelling your power connection, newspaper and milk, it makes sense to put your stuff in a safe facility for storage. Why not err on the side of caution and think about climate controlled storage units Glendale? Facilities like these use any number of systems, from HVAC to insulation and dehumidifiers to ensure that your important documents, clothes, including your expensive party wear, all your games that you so enjoy and your furniture are safe and sound till you return.

Now you’re set to go off on your backpacking adventures.

  1. Estonia- in this beautiful country lies its largest island, Saaremaa. It’s fabulous to look at of course, but its’ also great for other things. For example, if you’re a bird enthusiast, visit the island to witness the arrival of so many migratory birds, including the barnacle goose and the mute swan. In Saaremaa you’ll also find one of the largest craters in the world, the Kaali, formed by a meteorite. If you’re a microbrewery enthusiast, check out some of the fantastic homemade beers and brews the island is famous for.
  2. Italy- almost every part of this country is lovely, but head to Matera for something truly spectacular. A UNESCO heritage site, Matera is situated on a ridge. There are deep canyons on the sides and people actually live in natural caves set into the canyon walls. The caves aren’t rudimentary at all. In fact, so many of the dwellings are chic hotels and restaurants to give you a great feeling in a modern setting.
  3. Scotland- in Scotland you’ll find the Isle of Arran, 166 square miles of absolute splendour. The views are breath-taking, the beaches are sandy and attractive, towering mountains inspire awe and there’s fishing and wildlife to enjoy. If you like archaeology, head to the Machrie Moor and gaze at the six stone circles that are present there.
  4. Austria- if wine is your thing, make your way to Poysdorf between May and October and take advantage of the open cellar programme that lets you tour vineyards and indulge in some wine tasting. You’re in one of Austria’s biggest wine growing regions and you should take full advantage of it. If wine is not your thing, there are other juices and alcohols you can enjoy.
  5. USA- if you are really looking for some adventure on the wild seas, head to Mystic in Connecticut and get to the museum there. This is a 19 acre property and will teach you all you need to know about the village’s roots. These roots are steeped in salt water and waves and this coastal town is proud of it. Tuck into some hearty local fare, indulge in a haunted tour and enjoy a simpler life.