Wayne Imber Speaks on Cooking Or Traveling- Which Is The Better Stress Buster?

Working a daily job can be stressful and you may end up bringing the workload home, making even your time at home a burden and a chore as you have to complete your work at the place of rest. As per Wayne Imber that the two ways are cooking and traveling- both these activities help in reducing stress. If you are unable to get that many holidays to go on trips then cooking can act as an excellent stress buster. How? Read on below:

  • Focus: Cooking is a activity which you cannot rush. If you want to enjoy a delicious meal then you have to do what the recipe tells and that will take time and patience. During the preparation stage you should try to pay attention to what you are currently doing and focus on how it feels to your touch and smell. This will help you forget your previous worries and stresses.
  • Relaxation: Cooking is relaxing also because there is a rhythm to it- the sound of chopping onions on a cutting board, washing crisp vegetables in water, the sound of the food being baked or boiled. It’s an intense aromatic and sensory experience which results in calming down your heartbeat and also reducing stress as well as anxiety.
  • Make-your-own: Instead of stressing over what you have or don’t have in the kitchen, try to bring out your inner chef and make something with whatever is available in your fridge. This will help bolster creativity and improve your self esteem. Also, who knows, maybe you will have your own specialized recipe as well.

As for traveling- this notion might be more familiar with people since many might have the pleasure of actually            going on a trip. Here’s how it helps in reducing stress:

  • Enhances creativity: Going off to distant places and experiencing the sounds and smells of the place will help boost your creativity levels along with improving your personality. You will get to meet new people and learn to empathize with them. This will make you more open minded and you will learn to appreciate things which you don’t encounter in your day to day regular life.
  • Enjoying life: Getting out and away from the everyday routine life is sure to make you feel free. You don’t have to stick to a schedule there and neither will there be any work pressure or deadlines. So you will be able to enjoy a stress free life for sometime where everything will move according to your schedule.

Wayne Imber says that traveling is a sensory experience. From the moment we are planning the trip, we get an adrenaline rush which relives stress. The actual trip should consist of taking the environment in- listen to the sounds, feel the cold on your skin or the sea surf at your feet, taste the native food of the place. In short immerse yourself in it. This will take your mind off all the other regular routine stresses and you will truly enjoy life. Thinking of which stress buster you should choose? Well, why not both. Try out both of them and see which one fits you the best.